In my role as Chief Data Evangelist for Progress Software, it’s important to promote best practices for data connectivity and integration patterns. In thinking about an architecture for building enterprise mobile applications at Progress Software, I made the recommendation to leverage OData for the connectivity.

Below is a tutorial on building an enterprise mobile application by leveraging end-to-end solutions in the ecosystem.

#Building Enterprise Mobile Applications using OData

From the OData ecosystem, we selected the [Telerik Platform for mobile application development] ( and Progress DataDirect Cloud for the Greenfield Data Integration using OData.

Note: New in Telerik Platform Enterprise, DataDirect Cloud connectors are now integrated into a single platform.

DataDirect Cloud OData sources

DataDirect Cloud OData Objects

DataDirect Cloud OData Objects

Build mobile app across all platforms

Cross platform mobile emulator

Enterprise Mobile Application

#Let’s Connect:

Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist

Progress Software


Progress Software also serves on the OASIS OData Technical Committee and we’re interested in learning more about your experiences with OData for mobile development.

Special thanks to Saikrishna Teja Bobba, Developer Evangelist with Progress DataDirect, who helped put this tutorial together.