You may download the OData icon (“OData Icon”) pictured below and may use it to identify conforming implementations of the OData specification in accordance with these guidelines. Or you can directly download the zip file OData Icons which contains OData Icons of different sizes.


The OData Icon represents all versions of the OData technical specification as published by:

You MAY use the OData icon without charge:

You MAY NOT use the OData Icon:

Visual Guidelines:

Protecting the Value of the Mark

You agree to correct promptly any improper use of the OData Icon. Any party authorized to enforce the mark may take action against any use that does not conform to these guidelines or that violates applicable law.

No Warranties

The OData Icon is provided “AS IS” and with NO WARRANTIES, express or implied, from the owner or authorized licensees.

No Other Rights

Use of the OData Icon does not give you any interest in the OData Icon or any other rights other than the limited permission to use it according to these guidelines; all goodwill in the OData Icon belongs to its owners.


These OData Icon Guidelines may be amended at any time.


2014.05.23: Open Data Protocol (OData) Icon and Guidelines revised.
2010.04.19: Open Data Protocol (OData) Icon and Guidelines Usage Guidelines updated.
2010.02.01: Open Data Protocol (OData) Icon and Guidelines Usage Guidelines published.