OData V4.01 was officially approved as a Committee Specification this week, marking the next step toward final standardization of the much anticipated extensions to OData V4.0.

OData v4.01 is a fully compatible extension of the OData V4.0 protocol that adopts many popular conventions, syntax and payload simplifications, and incorporates new functionality.

Some of the major enhancements in OData V4.01 include:

Model improvements. OData V4.01 services can support the following new metadata constructs:

Simplified URL patterns. OData V4.01 adds support for simplified URL syntax, including:

New Query Features. OData V4.01 adds support for new query functionality, including:

Simplified OData JSON Payloads. OData V4.01 simplifies JSON payloads to look more like custom payloads, including:

A JSON representation for CSDL Metadata. OData V4.01 defines a new JSON representation for CSDL Metadata.

A JSON representation for Batch payloads. OData V4.01 defines a new JSON representation for batch request and response payloads.

For a full description of the new features and conventions, see What’s New in OData V4.01.

Please take a look and send feedback to the OASIS OData TC.

About the Author

Michael Pizzo is Co-Chair of the OASIS OData Technical Committee and co-editor of the OASIS Standard documents. He has worked for over 30 years in the design and delivery of data access solutions and APIs at Microsoft as a key designer and driver of Microsoft’s Data Access APIs including ODBC, OLEDB, ADO.NET, ADO.NET Entity Framework, and OData.

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