Join experts from Progress and Gartner on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, in a webinar on using OData to modernize enterprise data.

Deliver OData-based REST APIs to Modernize your Enterprise Data

REST APIs have grown exponentially over the past decade thanks to the rise of SaaS applications and highly integrated microservices architectures. Organizations are adopting REST API strategies to better integrate data assets with modern consumers across desktop, web and mobile applications.

To simplify the process of building and consuming their REST APIs, many enterprises have increasingly adopted OData, an OASIS/ISO approved standard. In the wake of new data privacy laws such as GDPR, organizations are once again looking for powerful REST APIs to access their systems of record in real-time without duplicating or moving sensitive customer data from their enterprise databases.

Join experts from Progress and Gartner to learn:

  • Why you should RESTify your database
  • What OData is and what’s new in the latest ISO-approved version
  • Different options for REST-enabling your databases

Plus—don’t miss our quick demo of provisioning OData without code.


  • Sanjeev Mohan, Research Director, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Gartner
  • Mark Biamonte, Senior Software Architect and OData TC Editor, Progress
  • Nishanth Kadiyala, Product Marketing Specialist, Progress

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About the Author

Sumit Sarkar is the Chief Data Evangelist at Progress Software new to developing on the Salesforce platform.  He has presented five Dreamforce sessions on data connectivity including the most recent session from DF16 on External Objects for External Big Data Platforms. Contact Sumit Sarkar: