In order to make a more collaborative site, we are excited to announce that you can now easily contribute to at the Contribution page. Currently there are two ways for you to contribute

Contribute to the OData Ecosystem

You can publish your OData consumers, OData providers, OData live services, OData libraries and OData vocalbularies by navigating to the Contribution page and filling in the request form. Your request will be reviewed before publish. We will notify you through email in the process.

Post Blogs on

To post blogs on, you first need to apply for a contributor account which can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them. When you finish a blog post, please go to Contribution page to notify us for publishing it. We won’t set hard restrictions on blog posts. As long as the content is about OData and is good for the OData ecosytem, we will be very willing to publish them for you as soon as possible.

Call for action

If you have any suggestions or advice, please comment below to let us know. We are looking forward to your contribution to and thus to the OData ecosystem!