What is Eclipse Ogee?

Ogee provides Eclipse based open source developer tools for the provisioning and consumption of OData services regardless of the service provisioning platform and service consuming technology. It comprises a graphical OData Model Editor for the creation of OData models that define the data structure required. The models can then be exported as service metadata document. Currently Ogee supports the capabilities of OData v2 spec into the tool. The capabilities of OData v4 spec will be added into our tooling as open source contribution in Eclipse community.

Ogee lowers the barrier for developers who want to produce and consume data, by bringing the OData advantages to the fingertips of Eclipse developers. It enables the community to contribute to this project by: extending our contribution with more provider environments, more consumption environments, ensuring interoperability across various industry standards, and promoting OData by easing the development process.

More specifically, Ogee allows developers to:

  • Model new OData services.


  • Visualize and explore existing OData services.



  • Validate the OData model against OData spec.


  • The OData models can then be exported as service metadata document against the selected OData spec.


  • Extend Ogee framework for:
    • Consumption from other environments
    • Provisioning of OData services for different provider environments
    • Importing OData service models from different sources
  • The architecture of the project is open and extensible through Eclipse extension points.

How to use Eclipse Ogee?

Eclipse Ogee is an open source contribution in Eclipse community which is freely available for download. Eclipse Ogee released version 0.5.x is the release of Ogee for Eclipse version 4.3 (Kepler) and available for download from Ogee update site: http://download.eclipse.org/ogee/updates/0.5.2/

Further info on Eclipse Ogee:

To get more details about Eclipse Ogee project, refer the Eclipse Ogee project page: https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/technology.ogee

In order to add the capabilities of OData v4 spec into the tooling, everybody is encouraged to participate by contributing and supporting the Eclipse open source Ogee project.