I’m pleased to announce that the OData client for iOS, OData4ObjC, is now a full, community-supported Open Source project. It can now incorporate all those contributions and bug fixes that you’ve been mentioning on the mailing list.

The Open Sourcing of the OData client library for Objective C will enable first-class support of this important platform. Combined with existing support for Android Odata4j, a community open source project) and Windows Phone (in the odata-sdk by Microsoft), this release provides strong, uniform support for all major phones.

In assigning ownership of the code to the Outercurve Foundation, the project leads are opening it up for community contributions and support. They firmly believe that the direction and quality of the project are best managed by users in the community, and are eager to develop a broad base of contributors and followers. I would like to call on iOS developers to get engaged on several fronts:

  • Spread the word and start writing apps
  • Make the library feel more native to iOS devs
  • Fully support the latest iOS capabilities (iOS 5)
  • Support the new OData v3 draft protocol

I look forward to working with you all to further refine this library. See you on gitHub!