Introduction is the community website for OData lovers. We have re-factored the site on 2015-5-15 for better user experience, better performance and easier contribution flow. Our previous architecture is WordPress + Windows Azure and the new architecture is Jekyll + GitHub + Windows Azure. Jekyll and GitHub are open-source solutions which benefit a lot from community contribution and are popular in the industry (just like the way we want to build the OData community :smiley:).

Audiences for

The website is built with the following target audiences in mind:

  • Developers who seek technologies to build good RESTful APIs
  • Business decision makers who investigate solutions to empower their products
  • RESTful API advocators

What we are working on is very important for OData community. We have been working hard on improving both the contents and performance of the site and we will continually improving it according to your feedback. Below are current content structure of, and for future plans, please check issues on GitHub


Posts including subjects (but not limited) below, and except for site announcements, most posts are written by contributors.

  • Site announcement
  • Library introduction and tutorials
  • Discussion and learnings about OData protocol
  • Case study
  • Industry success stories
  • OData ecosystem
  • Tools of OData

Getting Started (for developers)

OData has specifications that cover almost every aspect of a RESTful API. But for starters, you don’t need to go through all the details of OData specifications. In this part, we provide various tutorials for developers of OData.


OData protocol specification. Including the latest OASIS standardized OData Version 4.0 as well as OData Version 3.0 and OData Version 2.0.


Matrix of OData libraries of different platforms (.Net, JAVA, JavaScript, C++, Python, Ruby and etc.) for server and client. You are warmly welcomed to add your OData libraries here.

Reference Services

Services built to demonstrate the features of OData.


Tools that can help you better understand OData services


Consumers, providers and use cases of OData in the industry. We will improve the page with better UI experience and more up-to-date contents.

Getting Involved

Guidelines of how to getting involved in the OData community.

Improved the search functionality in the navigation menu with full-text search.

Besides above, we are actively working on producing more contents for business decision makers and RESTfu API advocators and better organize contents for developers. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

Call to action

Provide feedback

As always, your feedback to is warmly welcomed. Please let us know your feedback either email to our mailing list or create issues directly.

Contribute directly

All the code for is open-sources on GitHub and it’s very easy for you to contribute directly to Repository.