This week we had our first OData meetup hosted by Microsoft. People representing 20+ companies came together to learn from other attendees’ experiences, chatted about everything OData, and enjoyed the food, beverages and awesome weather (no, really!) in Redmond.

We had some great presentations

The first day ended with a delicious dinner at the Spitfire restaurant in Redmond.

On the second day of the meetup we used Open Space format ( to encourage loosely-structured discussion. Through Arlo Belshee’s awesome coordination, we put together by the end of the first hour an exciting agenda for the rest of the day.

Some of the conversations that happened and themes that emerged:

The two days were both educational and fun-filled, and they showed how big the OData community has grown in recent years. There was a strong interest from the attendees to do more of these community-driven events.

Asad Khan