JayData for OData V4 support available in JayData 1.4 alfa.

I am super proud to announce the first version of the JayData library to support the OData V4 format – and a growing number of V4 features. You can check it out at http://odata-v4.azurewebsites.net/ to see it in action.

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Need more information of how to use OData in JAVA? Check out the tutorial about Olingo OData V4

Apache Olingo is a Java library that implements the Open Data Protocol (OData). Apache Olingo serves client and server aspects of OData. It currently supports OData 2.0 and OData 4.0. The latter is the OASIS version of the protocol: OASIS Open Data Protocol (OData) TC. The extensions part of Olingo contains additional features like the support of JPA persistency or annotated bean classes. Read more tutorials of Olingo JAVA at this blog site.

Accessing HANA XS OData in Web IDE and beyond

here I'd like to share what I have learned while trying to access a HANA XS OData service in our SAP Web IDE (cloud) trial edition. I've have been asked by several people if it is possible - and the answer is: it depends.

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Simple.OData.Client 4.0.8 release

Simple.OData.V4.Client is a multiplatform OData client library supporting .NET 4.x, Windows Store, Windows Phone 8, Silverlight 5, iOS and Android. The adapter provides a great alternative to WCF Data Services client. It does not require generation of context or entity classes and fits RESTful nature of OData services

Get this new release from nuget and know more about Simple.OData at GitHub

Build an Optimized Hybrid Mobile Application using the HANA Cloud Platform with OData

I’ve been working on a project to bring the major elements of SAP mobility together in a single example. This example will explore the details of creating a delta-enabled OData web service, something that I mentioned in my last blog post.
At the end of the project we'll have this:

  • A web service that supports OData Delta Token processingc
  • A Hybrid Kapsel application created using Web IDE that uses that service
  • Support for disconnected operation in the mobile app using the SMP SDK’s Offline capabilities
  • Support for adding and editing records in the mobile app
  • Run both the web service and mobile application atop the HANA Cloud Platform

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An End to End guide to create an OData service for a given SAP Gateway data source

This guide will give a clear understanding on how to create an OData service for a given SAP Gateway data source.

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Member Review of Proposed Submission of #OData v4.0 and OData JSON Format v4.0 to ISO/IEC JTC 1

The members of the OASIS Open Data Protocol (OData) TC have requested that OASIS submit the following OASIS Standards:

  • OData Version 4.0 (OASIS Standard incorporating Approved Errata 02, 30 October 2014)
  • OData JSON Format Version 4.0 Plus Errata 02 (OASIS Standard incorporating Approved Errata 02, 30 October 2014)

to ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 as a P.A.S. submission for approval as proposed International Standards.

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