Many exciting things have happened in the OData world since our last post.

And we continue to receive lots of interesting feedback:

  • Michael asks how do you consume a .NET 4.0 Data Service from Silverlight 3?
    Today in SL3 there is no supported way to consume V2 features of an OData service.
    Which means Data Services built with either .NET 4.0 or the Data Services Update for .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 aren't fully supported. If it is an option you should upgrade to Silverlight 4.
  • We keep hearing requests to make OData and RDF more interoperable. And at the moment we are thinking about that that might mean. We even made one related proposal to try to gauge community interest.
  • Vasa asked: "How do I consume the Reporting Services OData Report feed programmatically"?
    You can generalize this question down to: "How do you program against a single feed with no service documents and no $metadata support?"
    A very interesting question. One that I plan on reporting back on once I've had a chance to investigate more.
  • Kingsley Idehen pointed out that OpenLink Virtuoso is an both OData Consumer and Producer. And shared some links to some tutorials:
  • One person wanted to know how to expose a Service Operation via a custom Data Service Provider. There is a sample of this in the OData SDK - but it is well hidden - you need to download the code Sample code for the Sample Services, unzip and look inside /ODataWeb/OData/OData.svc.cs. It is a Data Service Provider based Service that exposes a service operation.
  • John asked for more public OData Services to be listed on the Producers page. Especially ones that have geo data included, so he and other can create some compelling mashups. We hear you John and are trying to make the Producers page more reactive.
  • John also hopes that one day his browser will become OData aware, with special OData specific options and commands becoming available. This is definitely part of the dream John!

As always folks we are listening and look forward to hearing your feedback, so keep it coming.

Alex James