We are happy to announce that the OData Service Validation Tool is now an Outercurve project and is available on Codeplex (http://bit.ly/nqEVlH). We released it in such a way that the tool is fully open source and we will be able to accept contributions. This is something we are very excited about since we saw this project as a community project from the very beginning. Please feel free to blog/tweet about this and let the OData world know.

You can immediately fork it or download the source code, play with it, deploy in your environment and experiment. We are going to be improving the Codeplex content and documentation (e.g. how to write new rules) over the next weeks. We will also populate the issue list with issues currently in our internal issue database so that you can start tackling some issues if you are itching for contributing to the project.

We will continue to have a hosted version updated with the same 2 week cadence from the Codeplex branch at http://validator.odata.org.

Thank you for your patience while we worked through all the legal issues and for your continued support for the project. We are looking forward to improving the interoperability of OData as a community through the OData Service Validation Tool.

Please let us know if you have any questions and jump in the discussion if you haven't already done so either on this mailing list or on the discussion list on project page.