OData Service Validation Tool  was updated with 5 new rules and the ground work for supporting OData v3 services:

  • 4 new common rules
  • 1 new entry rule
  • Added version annotation to rules to differentiate rules by version
  • Modified the rule selection engine to support rule version.
  • Change rule engine API to support rule versions
  • Changed database schema to log request and response headers
  • Added a V3 checkbox for online and offline validation scenarios

This update brings the total number of rules in the validation tool to 152. You can see the list of the active rules here and the list of rules that are under development here.

Moreover, with this update the validation tool is positioned to support rules for v3 services for OData V3 payload validation.

Keep on  validating and let us know what you think either on the mailing list or on the discussions page on the Codeplex site.