I am thrilled to announce that OData V4.0 has officially been approved as a new OASIS standard.

OData V4 is the result of a year and a half of hard work from the OASIS Technical Committee, addressing over 500 issues/requests through two committee specifications and three public reviews. Below are a few of the key new features added to address common user requests. A more complete set of changes from OData V3.0 can be found here.

The OASIS Standard includes the OData V4.0 Protocol and OData V4.0 JSON Format. The OData V4.0 ATOM format is currently in Committee Specification stage until it receives at least two more official Statements of Use necessary to progress it to the final stage of OASIS standardization.

This important milestone does not conclude the work of the Technical Committee. The committee is already working on two extensions for OData.

This is an incredibly exciting time for Open Data, as products and libraries are quickly rev'ing to support OData v4.0. Support for building OData V4 compliant clients and servers in Java, as well as consuming OData V4 from JavaScript clients, is already underway in the open source Apache Olingo incubator project. Microsoft has recently released versions of core OData V4 libraries for .NET, an OData Client for consuming OData V4 services, and support for building OData V4 services using a pre-release library in WebAPI.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming support for the new OASIS OData v4.0 Standard!

Michael Pizzo
Principal Software Architect, Microsoft
Editor, OData Specification