The Olingo team announced last week that they have released Apache Olingo 4.0 with support for building OData V4-compliant RESTful services and clients.

With support for OData V4’s JSON format, Olingo makes building a modern RESTful service in Java easier than ever. Whether you are sharing data with Salesforce Lightning Connect, building an on-line report using combit Report Server 2.0, using PowerQuery to import data into Microsoft Excel, or just building a simple REST service that follows best patterns and practices, Olingo’s OData Service for Java is for you!

And for client application developers, Olingo’s OData Client makes it easy to code against any OData-compliant service. Using the Olingo OData Client for Java gives you strongly typed access to over 7 million species sightings in NSW’s new Biodiversity Service, access to your mail, contacts and calendar information through the Office 365 API, ERP data through Acumatica, perform system management through Redfish, or work with any other service written to follow OData conventions.

Olingo’s newly released OData V4 Client and Server libraries join the Olingo OData Client for Javascript, making it easy to consume all the same sources from your favorite browser-based applications and devices.