Since the new site was published, we have received a lot of feedback. Most of those who have provided feedback want to contribute to the OData ecosystem by publishing their OData tools, asking about libraries which were shown on the old site, reporting bugs in the sample services, asking for content on the old site, and etc. We are very grateful to all the feedback because they help us be aware of how much people love OData and help us formulate our thoughts about the site reorganization.

Your advice and suggestions are all very much appreciated. The current new site you've seen is just a start. In the near future, we will bring back most of the useful content on the old site: blog posts, ecosystem contents, libraries, and so on. We will fix the bugs in the sample services and get them working properly.

Additionally, we would like to make a more collaborative site. That is to say, we will build submission forms for libraries, OData services, blog posts and more. We hope that this will encourage developers, users, and fans of OData to contribute to and to benefit from the OData ecosystem.

Thank you again for all of the feedback.