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OData has specifications that cover almost every aspect of a RESTful API. But getting started with OData is pretty easy.

For absolute beginners

The Understand OData in 6 steps tutorial captures the most representative scenarios of OData and REST. It has detailed description of the scenarios and has sample code snippets on different programming platforms to showcase how an OData based RESTful API can be consumed.

Basic Tutorial

The basic tutorial will walk brand-new developers through the absolute basics of requesting, querying, and modifying resources in an OData service. Since OData is best practices for REST APIs, this tutorial will feel a lot like documentation you might read for a custom REST API - but you can apply the principles you learn here to all OData APIs.

Advanced Tutorial

The advanced tutorial will continue the lesson by introducing more advanced concepts such as:

As with the basic tutorial, all of the principles in the advanced tutorial can be applied to any OData API.

Postman Tutorial

Do you prefer to learn by doing? The Postman tutorial will walk you through more than 20 real OData requests and responses. The tutorial is designed to use the TripPin reference service but again, the principles here can be applied to any OData API.