There are various ways to learn about OData and start with the native HTTP request maybe the most direct one. We have a series of Basic Tutorials and Advanced Tutorials already, but these still ask you to copy&paste the requests. Now we provide an easier way to help you understand OData and also make it quite easy for you to contribute your own scenarios. We create a collections of HTTP requests of OData on Postman on Chrome- an efficient way to test, develop and document APIs.

How to Learn OData on Postman

It's quite easy for Chrome users to install the Postman tool and run the collections. Just follow the steps below :

And the resources behind this is on OData tutorial Guidelines.


As you can see from the picture above, we have created several requests into different categories in the collection with description, HTTP method, request URL, request headers and response payload (if no response, just click the Send button).

How to Contribute to the Query Collection

Currently, Postman collection doesn't support collaborating on one specific collection URL, so you may not directly contribute to the collection. BUT, you can contribute to the GitHub repositories which servers as a central OData tutorials guidelines and we will update the content regularly.