Advanced OData Tutorial with Simple.OData.Client

This article describes advanced OData scenario, both for the most recent OData protocol (V4) and earlier versions. The article was inspired by the Advanced OData Tutorial article published at the The original article describes the HTTP communication level: it … Continued

TripPin – New OData V4 Sample Service

Introduction TripPin is a sample service based on OData V4. Generally speaking, TripPin provides a service that can manage people’s trips. The service is designed for below purposes: Build a service that will cover as many features for OData V4 … Continued

New OData Mailing List

In order to make a more collaborative site, we have maintained a Mailing List for people to ask or answer questions related to OData. And now we are moving to a new mailing list service OData Discussion Group. For … Continued

OData Icons Guidelines New Version Available

We are happy to announce that the updated version of OData Icon Usage Guidelines now on Users now can have access to standard OData icons and identify conforming implementations of the OData specification in accordance with these guidelines. Please … Continued

Contribution to is Available

In order to make a more collaborative site, we are excited to announce that you can now easily contribute to at the Contribution page. Currently there are two ways for you to contribute Contribute to the OData Ecosystem … Continued