Recent conference talks about OData

In April, there will be several conference sessions about OData delivered by Chris Woodruff at the Desert Code Camp 2014.1. The topics of the sessions are “Why Windows 8 Applications need OData and How You can be a Data Ninja” and “Gaining … Continued

OData V4.0 Approved as a New OASIS Standard

I am thrilled to announce that OData V4.0 has officially been approved as a new OASIS standard. OData V4 is the result of a year and a half of hard work from the OASIS Technical Committee, addressing over 500 issues/requests … Continued

Recent updates planned for

Since the new site was published, we have received a lot of feedback. Most of those who have provided feedback want to contribute to the OData ecosystem by publishing their OData tools, asking about libraries which were shown on … Continued

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new site. It’s now more concise and is easier for you to find out the most important contents about OData. If you have any advice or suggestion about this site or about OData, please feel free … Continued

New version of OData Validator

The OData team has been working on updating the OData Validator tool to support the new JSON format validation. We are pleased to announce that the tool now supports validating your V3 service for all three formats – ATOM, old … Continued

OData V4 Extensions for Aggregation

I am pleased and excited to announce that the OASIS OData Technical Committee has produced a Committee Draft for a set of extensions to OData for Data Aggregation. This extension adds basic grouping and aggregation functionality (e.g. sum, min, and … Continued

Consuming OData from JavaScript

This tutorial will introduce the OData capabilities of the JayData library and gives you all the necessary information to succeed with your OData service via JavaScript. After going through the concept, we will implement a Northwind product editor – full read/write capable – app … Continued