MS Open Tech (China) Releases OData Producer Codegen for JDBC to Tap the Gold Mine of Corporate Data

OData Producer Codegen for JDBC is designed in response to the requirements of data providers, to avail batches of data to users from JDBC enabled data service providers. The tool, upon one-key click after simple configuration, can largely reduce the workload of data service providers by adding data stored on the JDBC data sources to OData Restful APIs automatically. As a result, large amount of data becomes accessible immediately.

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Eclipse Ogee – Eclipse based developer tool for modelling OData services

Ogee provides Eclipse based open source developer tools for the provisioning and consumption of OData services regardless of the service provisioning platform and service consuming technology. It comprises a graphical OData Model Editor for the creation of OData models that define the data structure required. The models can then be exported as service metadata document.

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Orchard OData plugin

Implementation of a module that provides OData protocol and then enables third parties to query (custom) creatable content types embedded in an Orchard CMS Site

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CMS that natively supports OData

Webnodes CMS has a custom OData provider built-in that exposes the content in the system as OData feeds. This opens up a lot of opportunities!


Getting started with SMP3 Native OData iOS apps

This document aims to cover the minimum steps required to get a native iOS application functioning correctly through the SAP Mobility platform version 3.0 + and retrieving data from OData services.

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Socrata's OData support

Microsoft Excel is a very popular tool for analyzing and visualizing data. Follow these instructions to create an Excel workbook with a link to data from any Socrata-powered website.

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ASP.NET Web API 2.2 for OData v4.0 5.4.0-beta

You can try Web API 2.2 for OData V4 5.4.0-beta at and the new features in this release pleas refers to the announcement

Simple.OData.V4.Client 4.1.0

The package Simple.OData.V4.Client contains libraries that can work with OData feeds that implement V4 OData protocol.

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Try OData on Apple Watch

This is cool! I just got an Apple Watch App. getting results live over the Internet from an oData database. All realtime, and working really quickly. Here’s how it works….

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