OData Version 4.0 has officially been approved as a new OASIS standard recently. Compared to former versions, OData Version 4.0 offers exciting improvements to support OData consumers and producers. In order to help them adopt and benefit from OData Version 4.0, multiple efforts have been taken to build server and client libraries over different platforms.


For .NET OData client developers, Microsoft has released the first version of the OData Client for .NET on January 27th, which is a .NET OData Client that supports OData Version 4.0 only. Together with the OData Client Code Generator delivered through the Visual Studio Gallery, a client experience of auto-generating codes to reference the target OData service is easy for client app builders to use. The OData core libraries such as the ODataLib, the EdmLib, and the Microsoft.Spatial are all updated to support OData Version 4.0 while the versions for OData V1-3 are still available. The libraries mentioned above will adopt a monthly release model to ensure a quick reaction to customer requirements for new features and bug fixes.

For .NET OData service developers, Microsoft is also working on updating existing solutions to OData Version 4.0 and has released nightly builds of ASP.NET Web API 2.2 for OData v4.0.

For sample codes, detailed release announcements, and tutorials of the above-mentioned .NET libraries, the official blog of the OData team of Microsoft can be referred to as a good information source.


For Java developers, the premier OData Version 4.0 experience will be the Apache Olingo incubator project (due to be completed in Q2 CY 2014). It currently supports OData Version 2.0 and will also support OData Version 4.0. It will be fully open source, run by Apache with binaries distributed through Maven. Microsoft and SAP are both contributing significantly to this library.


For JavaScript OData client developers, a core client library known as Data.js, will also be maintained as an Olingo project to support OData Version 4.0. In the time before OData Version 4.0, Breeze.js and JayData have always been providing excellent OData client libraries with dependency on Data.js. Thus, they may lag behind some on supporting OData Version 4.0. Both sides are working closely to ensure minimal delay.


For C++ developers, the building of an OData Version 4.0 client library is in progress. Its preview version in March will include core library level functionalities such as OData payload processing, EDM model building, CRUD operations, HTTP communication and code generation. This library is expected to be completed in June 2014 with more OData specific features.

Call for information

If you are aware of the progress of any other OData library driven by any organization or individual, please comment to this post and we'll help include the information into this post and the library section of OData.org.